It’s a new year and the perfect  time to reorganize your makeup bag. To help you do this we have put together a list of eleven makeup bag essentials to help you look your best.

Bronzer is the best way to update your daytime look for a night on the town.

Foundation will allow you to keep an even skin tone and can help liven up your face during the day.

Foundation Brush:
A foundation brush is the best way to give yourself an even natural look.

Concealer Stick:
Concealer sticks are a great way to give yourself a touch up and hide blemishes throughout the day.

Concealer Brush:
A concealer brush can help you hide any imperfections such as dark circles under your eyes.

Blush is a great way to make your skin glow and give it just the right amount of pop throughout the day.

Tweezers are a must-have for your makeup bag. They are a great for plucking pesky hairs you notice while on the go.

Lash Curler:
This is great way to revamp your eyelashes during the day. You can find some small lash curlers that are as small as a lipstick.

Mascara is a great way to give your eyes some flair while on the go.

A mirror is one of the most important items of your makeup bag. Without it you will not be able to see what you are doing!

Makeup Remover:
Throw some makeup remover wipes or even baby wipes in your makeup bag to help you stay fresh throughout the day.

The above list of eleven makeup bag essentials will help you look your best. Sublime Salon & Spa offers a wide variety of makeup services so schedule your appointment today.