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How to Achieve Mermaid Waves at Home

Regardless of how near or far you live from the beach, effortless mermaid waves can be achieved in less than five minutes this summer. While these waves are soft and feminine, they allow your hair to be beachy and carefree. Not only will these helpful tips and

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How to Achieve Heatless Overnight Curls

Do you want to achieve perfect, voluminous waves without the guilt of using a curling iron? Look no further! These tips and tricks will have your hair looking perfectly tousled and the best part is it requires less than 5 minutes of your time. Here are some

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6 New Summer Trends for 2018

Summer 2018 is coming to an end, but the beauty trends that are sparking up around it are giving everyone a new look for the season. Learn how to create a stunning eye look, design a natural look for those hot Summer evenings, use graphic eyeliner to

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Nail Art Designs Perfect for The Summer

Season changes may mean a change in weather, but it also means new beauty trends. This summer have fun with your nails and check out all of these cute nail art ideas. They are so cute you may not be able to choose just one! Ice Cream

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How to Tan Your Skin without Risking Permanent Damage

  Tan skin is something everyone wants in the summer.  However, using the sun, as well as other forms of tanning can be dangerous for your health and damaging to your skin.  However, there are ways to stay tan that do not require risk and can safely

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The Pixie Cut is The Hair Cut of Summer 2018

Many hair styles seem to be on trend for this upcoming summer. Messy updos, braids, slicked hair, center parts and natural waves are among the styles that will be popular.  However, there is one style that has been around for a long time that will be the

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Cute Hairstyles For Rushed Mornings

Wake up late? Mornings can be rushed, but your hair doesn’t have to suffer. Styling hair in the morning can be simplified into a few easy steps. Check out these cute and super fast hairstyles that will cut down on your morning rush without sacrificing your style.

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Beauty Tips For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is something that many people deal with everyday! Having sensitive skin means taking extra care of your body and using nothing but the best and most natural products. Sublime wants to give you a few tips and tricks if you struggle with sensitive skin. Moisturize,

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How You Can Control Your Breakouts

We know the struggles of experimenting with breakout-preventing and cleansing “solutions” just to end up with even more breakouts!  It turns out that the cause of your breakouts may be the products that you are using, the foods you are eating, or your lifestyle!  Consider the following

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Why You Should be Waxing, Not Shaving

There are many benefits of waxing which may cause you to rethink your shaving regimen.  Shaving seems a lot easier than waxing and it might take less time doing, but waxing has longer-lasting effects and is even better for your skin.  You can go to a waxing

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