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The Pixie Cut is The Hair Cut of Summer 2018

Many hair styles seem to be on trend for this upcoming summer. Messy updos, braids, slicked hair, center parts and natural waves are among the styles that will be popular.  However, there is one style that has been around for a long time that will be the

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Cute Hairstyles For Rushed Mornings

Wake up late? Mornings can be rushed, but your hair doesn’t have to suffer. Styling hair in the morning can be simplified into a few easy steps. Check out these cute and super fast hairstyles that will cut down on your morning rush without sacrificing your style.

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Beauty Tips For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is something that many people deal with everyday! Having sensitive skin means taking extra care of your body and using nothing but the best and most natural products. Sublime wants to give you a few tips and tricks if you struggle with sensitive skin. Moisturize,

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How You Can Control Your Breakouts

We know the struggles of experimenting with breakout-preventing and cleansing “solutions” just to end up with even more breakouts!  It turns out that the cause of your breakouts may be the products that you are using, the foods you are eating, or your lifestyle!  Consider the following

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Why You Should be Waxing, Not Shaving

There are many benefits of waxing which may cause you to rethink your shaving regimen.  Shaving seems a lot easier than waxing and it might take less time doing, but waxing has longer-lasting effects and is even better for your skin.  You can go to a waxing

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How to Style Curly Hair

Having curly hair can be both a blessing and a curse. People with straight hair want to be able to have the luscious curly locks that few have naturally, when others are dying to have straight hair!. It’s a “grass is always greener on the other side”

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How to Get the Perfect Nails at Home

Not everyone has the time to consistently get a manicure or pedicure.  Most people have to take care of your nails at home. You may worry that your nails won’t come out as well as if you went to a salon. There are many ways quick and

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How to Avoid Future Wrinkles

Everyone struggles with the need to have perfect, flawless skin as they begin to age. There are many factors that lead to wrinkled skin that can be avoided such as smoking or sun exposure. However, there are also a few conditions causing wrinkles that are not so

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Find Out Which Type of Massage is Right for You

If you have never gotten a massage before, you probably don’t know what massage is best for you. There are various types of massages meant for all the different issues that one might have in their life.  Whether you’re an athlete, pregnant, or just want to relax,

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How to Look Your Best on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to try out a new beauty look. Whether you have a hot date, a romantic night in or just a girls night out, test drive a new style for that special night. In the honor of the day of love, we

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