The summer season poses several threats to your beloved hair. From simply adjusting daily habits to dealing with sun and chlorine exposure, we’ve compiled 11 ways you can treat your hair right this summer.

  1. Trim Periodically
    The best way to assure your hair is healthy and strong is to trim it often. Try to schedule a monthly trim to not only rid of split ends, but also refresh your style.
  2. Water Water Water
    Staying hydrated is the secret to flawless hair. Try carrying a water bottle with you wherever you go to encourage more water consumption. Water keeps hair hydrated and assists in faster growth.
  3. Eat Healthy
    Maintaining a healthy diet is also beneficial to your luscious locks. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in many of the foods we eat and contribute to strong, healthy hair. Fruits and vegetables provide hair with vitamins and antioxidants. Eating consistently balanced meals will give you the hair you’ve finally been looking for.
  4. Don’t Dye
    Hair dye exposes your hair to harmful chemicals that only make it look worse over time. Coloring hair in the summer is especially unnecessary because constant sun exposure bleaches and lightens hair.
  5. Treat prior to chlorine exposure
    Like hair dye, chlorine is also damaging to your hair. The chlorine can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and unmanageable. To avoid this result, coat your hair with fresh water and leave-in conditioner before swimming in chlorine. This acts as a shield, preventing the chemicals from damaging your hair.
  6. Cover up
    Considering the risk the sun poses to your hair, it’s a good idea to keep it shielded from the sun’s rays altogether. We suggest wearing a scarf or hat to keep your hair healthy and out of harm’s way.
  7. Keep styling to a minimum
    The heat from hot tools can cause great damage to your hair, creating split ends and breakage. Instead, try to air dry your hair and style with product
  8. Keep hair moisturized
    The sun’s rays can certainly dry out your hair, leaving it frizzy and frail. To avoid these results, be sure to use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and apply leave-in conditioner often. That way, your hair will remain smooth, silky, and hydrated all summer long.
  9. Avoid elastic usage (metal-free hair ties if needed)
    When our hair is wet from the pool or ocean, we’re often tempted to throw it up in a ponytail or bun. However, when we take our hair back down, we’re likely to create breakage from carelessly pulling out hair ties. To avoid breakage and ensure strong hair, use a fabric scrunchy and avoid hair ties with metal clamps at all costs–they do the most damage.
  10. Use a Wide-tooth Comb
    Rather than using a brush, try a wide tooth comb to free your hair of knots and tangles. This avoids breakage and keeps your hair strong and healthy all summer long.
  11. Pamper your locks with natural hair masks
    One great way to keep your hair hydrated, protected, and healthy is to apply a hair mask periodically. The best hair masks are made with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, honey, avocado and egg. Check out some homemade hair mask recipes here.

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