Is your goal for the new year to try a new hairstyle? Putting a braid in your hair is a great way to try a new style without drastically cutting your hair. Check out this video to learn how to do thirteen braids in only eight minutes.

The video shows you the steps to do a French braid, Uneven braid, a figure-eight wrap and many more. Watch the video below and keep reading for instructions for each braid shown in the video.

#1 English braid: Divide the hair into three pieces. Weave the left strand over the middle one so that it becomes the new middle. Do the same with the right strand. Repeat to the ends.

#2 French braid: The same weaving pattern as the English braid, only hair is added to the outside strands each time before they are woven to the middle.

#3 Dutch braid: the same as the French braid, only outside strands are woven underneath the middle strand instead of over.

#4 Lace braid: same as the French braid, only hair is added to only one side.

#5 Braided braid: three English braids are made, then those are braided together into a big English braid.

#6 Uneven braid: same as an English braid, only one of the strands is much smaller than the other two.

#7 Figure-8 wrap: divide the hair into three sections, with one being much smaller than the others. Wrap this smaller strand in a figure-8 pattern around the others (over the left, under the right, over the top of the right, under the left, and so on).

#8 Zig-zag braid: make an English braid. Once at the ends, hold one strand tight while you pinch the other two and push them up towards the top of the braid. Space the zig-zag as desired.

#9 Fishtail braid: Divide the hair into two halves. Take a small section from the outside of the left half and bring it over to the inside of the right half. Grab a small section from the outside of the right half and bring it to the inside of the left half. Repeat to the ends.

#10 Rope braid: Divide the hair into two halves and twist those halves to the right. Now twist them together to the left.

#11 Hawser braid: Make two rope braids and rope braid them together by twisting them in the opposite direction that the individual braids were twisted.

#12 Cable braid: make four rope braids and turn them into two Hawser braids. Rope braid those Hawser braids together.

#13 4-strand X weave: take the outside left strand and weave it over the one strand next to it. Now take the outside right strand and weave it over the TWO strands next to it. Repeat to the ends.

Hopefully the video above gave you some great tips. Be sure to schedule an appointment if you are looking for other ways to change your look in 2016.