Nail trends get more creative as time goes on. Many of the trends that are popular this year are very striking and unique. Don’t be afraid to try out the funky designs and nail shapes because you may be surprised by how much you enjoy these artistic looks. The following trends are a few of our favorites,


  • Lines and stripes seem to never go out of style. An ongoing trend with clothes has been introduced to nail art now. This simple style is so appealing and not very risky because stripes go with any outfit! Try this look with multiple lines or you can even try just one striking metallic line. We recommend going with black and white, or metallics for this look.


  • Remember when you were a kid and went out on a special occasion to get a manicure and you asked the stylist for a crazy, funky design. Now is the time to relive your childhood because those designs are making a comeback. Ask for one of your old favorite cartoons from back in the day, or impress your friends with an edgy, decorative design.


  • Marble nail art is becoming a big trend. It can be difficult to pick out one color for your nails. What’s nice about the marble look is that you get to choose multiple colors and don’t have to go through the stress of deciding on one single color. Marbling any color with white looks very nice, or you can go for the more natural look and even do greys and blacks. Get as creative as you want with this look!


  • Metallics and silvers aren’t only for special occasions and parties now! This bold nail trend is a way to be flashy with your nails! You can go with one solid metallic color or you can even beautify a french manicure with silver or gold! Another plus to this style is that if you decide to try it out at home it doesn’t show streaks and smudges as much as other colors.


  • The most simple look of them all is the negative space look. This look is another way to have a plain, yet stunning nail design. This look allows you to get creative and show negative space on your nails in any way that you want. We recommend linear lines and the moon look that allows you to give your cuticles a little love. If these looks don’t appeal to you, you can also do lace, or a shattered look. Try this cute style and show your natural nails off with a little pop of color!


  • Instead of getting your nails squared, try one of the more fun nail shapes! Rounded, oval, squared oval and almond are the most popular shapes right now! A plus to this is if you end up not liking the shape, we can always shape it back into your normal shape!


  • If you have trouble choosing colors, you may be interested to know that dark hues are in. This trend makes it a little easier to narrow it down when you find yourself having trouble being able to choose a color. Another plus is that this trend still gives you the opportunity to tweak the color to your liking!

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