Everyone loves a salon-quality blowout, but not everyone has the time. So if you don’t have time to come to the salon to get a blowout, but love the look and feel of them then follow these simple hacks to do it at home like a pro! Not only will you save time and money, but also your hair will look amazing every single time!

  1. Build volume by pinning your hair while you dry it. After drying a section of your hair, make a curl with your finger and pin it up! You can use anything from a bobby pin to any small type of clip. Then run the dryer on cool over the curls. Spray a little hairspray and then remove all the pins. Once you’re done, you’ll have voluminous and bouncy hair. 
  2. Use translucent powder to add texture or absorb oil. Just like dry shampoo, just put a little on the roots. Dab your fingers a few times into the powder and rub it into the roots.  
  3. Use a flat iron to change the shape of the the top of your hair. Don’t like the shape you got from using a brush and a hair dryer? Then, try using a flat iron. Take the flat iron section by section to be more precise. Especially if your roots are kinker, it allows you to have more control over your hair. 
  4. Blow dry your bangs in different directions. It can be hard to blow dry bangs. But drying them in multiple directions can help. Don’t blow dry them upwards because it can cause them to be too harsh. Try blow drying them down and then move to the left and right. Use a big round brush to make it easier. 
  5. Make sure to give your hair enough tension. People are always afraid to pull on their hair while blow drying. But don’t be afraid to pull a little. The areas that need the most attention are at the crown, bangs, and sideburns. 
  6. Flip your hair over and use texturizing spray for more volume. Apply a texturizer and brush it with your fingers to add some extra body. 
  7. Maintain your blowout by sleeping with it up. The higher you clip your hair when you sleep, the bouncier it will be the next day. Try sectioning your hair off and clipping them up into little curls to add extra body.

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