Everyone struggles with the need to have perfect, flawless skin as they begin to age. There are many factors that lead to wrinkled skin that can be avoided such as smoking or sun exposure. However, there are also a few conditions causing wrinkles that are not so easily avoided. Some advice: don’t obsess over the wrinkles but instead, embrace them. Here are some tips and tricks you can to do to avoid wrinkles in the future without spending thousands of dollars on overpriced products:

  • Protect Your Skin From the Sun:

The leading cause of wrinkles is sun damage; being out in the sun ages your skin and makes you look older much sooner than it should. A simple way to prevent this and still go out and enjoy some fresh air or enjoy a day at the beach in the summertime, is sunscreen!  Sunscreen reflects the light from the skin and absorbs the UV rays so your skin doesn’t. Another easy option is simply wearing a hat when you go out or using an umbrella when you can.

  • Get Your Beauty Sleep:

A simple and effective way to stop future wrinkles is to get your beauty sleep. Sleeping allows the body to repair itself after a long day, which means it also gives your skin the chance to relax and rejuvenate itself. Another tip is to sleep on your back, eliminating sleep lines on your face.

  • Eat a Healthy Diet:

The foods we eat not only affect our weight and our energy, they affect our skin as well.  Eating a well-balanced diet and drinking lots of water will keep your skin blemish-free and hydrated, reducing the chance of wrinkles and damaged skin. Eating foods rich in antioxidants will also fight aging from the inside while giving you loads of good vitamins.   

  • Be Careful With Skin Products:

Using anti-aging cream can actually be bad for your skin when using too much of it, or using it at a young age. The cream can increase the metabolism of cells which may be too active for younger complexions. Instead, focus on washing and moisturizing skin daily to keep the skin clear and hydrated. Pay attention to your skin type and understand what products work best for you, and keep the wrinkles away..  

  • Try Facials:

Try getting facials once a month to rejuvenate skin as well as deep clean your pores. Keeping up with your skin’s health with facials is especially helpful for women in their late 20’s because it will prevent aging and keep your skin looking glowy and fresh.

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