The holidays call for a lot of gatherings.  This means you need to spice up your look so you can impress the crowd every time.  We came up with a list of makeup looks and easy hairstyles that will have you looking great at every party.  


A braid wrapped side ponytail with glossy cranberry lips:  This is a simple but elegant look that is easy to do.  Start by swiping all your hair to the left side side.  Next, separate one piece from the right side and braid it.  Lastly, wrap the braid around the rest of your hair to form a side pony tail.  Use a clear elastic band to wrap around the whole thing so it stays in place.  Top off your look with a cranberry gloss to give your lips a holiday vibe.  


Slicked back and straight hair with a smoky eye:  Show off your smoky eye with an easy slicked back hair style.  Slicked back hair is self-explanatory, however, we are going to tell you how to do it without it looking greasy.  Instead of using a lot of gel start by spraying your hair with hairspray before your blow dry it.  Then, use a round brush to blow dry your hair up at the roots.  Blow dry the sides smooth and use bobby pins to set it in place.  


Center parted waves with a matte red lip and winged eyeliner:  Use a 2 inch curler to curl your hair.  Afterwards, brush out the curls to get a wavy look.  Then use a setting spray to keep it wavy all night!  Use a dark liquid eyeliner to create a dark wing.  The holidays are a perfect time to show off your cat eye skills.  Finalize this look with a bright right matte lip!  All eyes will be on you at the party!     


A voluminous bun and dark red blush:  This is a very stylish look, but it is so easy to do!  Start by putting your hair in a ponytail and then tease it.  After, put a donut around your pony and wrap all the hair around it.  Finally, brush dark red blush on your cheekbones to compliment your winter skin.


A side fishtail braid with a bright red lip: This is a good look to wear to a holiday party with all of your friends.  Grab the front section of your hair and fish tail it toward your ear.  Secure it with an elastic band.  A bright red lip is a classic for any holiday party so wear the brightest red you can find!


Hope these looks gave you some inspiration for your holiday party looks.  They are easy and simple but you will be sure to light up the room when you enter the party!  Book your appointment today at Sublime Salon and Day Spa so we can help you with these looks!