When you think of a spa, you likely think of going to a traditional salon and spa. Nature has given us a number of incredible natural spas all around the world in the form of mineral hot springs, thermal baths and mud pools, where one can relax his body and mind soothing away pains and worries.

Here is a list of the best natural spas from around the world:

  1. Czech Republic:


The Czech Republic is one of the most popular countries in the world for their therapeutic thermal baths. It has more than 30 health retreat resorts having spa centers, thermal baths and mineral pools. The West Bohemian region has the highest concentration of spa treatment resorts in the Czech Republic.

      2.  Costa Rica:


Costa Rica is a part of the Pacific Ring Fire Circle and is  home to around 200 volcanic formations. It has become one of the world’s most rewarding hot spring destinations. Spa facilities can be found throughout the country in the form of mud baths, mineral pools and thermal hot springs.  

      3. Hungary:



Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is considered to be the Spa Capital of the World. Lake Hévíz is the largest thermal lake in Europe and its water is considered a powerful source for healing the body. Hévíz, the famous town of spas that appeared on the shores of the lake and surrounded by scenic hills, has been a famous spa destination throughout the ages. 

      4. Iceland:


Iceland is called the land of springs, glaciers and volcanoes. It is the home to about 250 thermal areas forming around 800 hot springs. The famed Blue Lagoon is one of the most visited attractions in the country. The water here is rich in minerals used for therapeutic purposes. An interesting fact is that the geothermal waters heat about 85% of the households in Iceland – and so the supply of hot water is cheaper than the supply of cold water in this country.

      5. Japan:


Japan is a volcanically active country, and has thousands of hot springs dotted along its islands. You can find the thermal baths in many types and shapes here. Every town has hot pools, often accompanied by Ryokan, traditional Japanese style inns where one can experience the traditional lifestyle of Japan.

     6. New Zealand:


This country has number of amazing natural thermal hot pools, from bubbling mineral hot springs to mud pools. The hot springs have been used for therapeutic purposes for ages in the country. “Whakarewarewa” is the most popular geothermal areas having around 500 pools. At many places, the hot waters are located just underneath the ground level where you can dig your own pool to relax!

      7.  Turkey:


Turkey has about 1,300 thermal springs in total. It is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of geothermal activity as it is located above a geothermal belt and seismic fault. Interestingly, one of the traditional Turkish steam baths called ”Hamam” can be found in every town of the country. For this reason, Turkey is a piece of heaven for natural spa addicts.

Well, until you plan to visit one of these countries to get the best natural spa, you can always pamper yourself with the Sublime’s relaxing spa services by scheduling an appointment today.