We know the struggles of experimenting with breakout-preventing and cleansing “solutions” just to end up with even more breakouts!  It turns out that the cause of your breakouts may be the products that you are using, the foods you are eating, or your lifestyle!  Consider the following tips to achieve healthy, glowing skin!

Product Use Tips:

  1. Check The Ingredients Of The Products You are Using: Chances are your products contain an oil or product that are clogging your pores.  If the product you are using contains mineral oil or silicon you may want to consider switching to something else.
  2. You are using TOO MUCH Product: Overusing certain products can dry out your skin, leading to more oily skin.  More oil = more blemishes.  Too much product can even increase redness, causing your pimples to stick out even more!  Try to limit your use to a few times a week instead of everyday.  You can even use a hydrocortisone cream can help the redness and irritation.
  3. Check Your Shampoos and Body Soaps: If you are using products that contain a lot of fragrances and chemicals you may be causing the breakouts on your face, neck, and back.  Next time you are in the soap aisle check out the non-fragrant body washes and shampoos!  

Consume More…

  1. Green tea: Some studies have shown that green tea can help reduce stress and inflammation levels, both factors that may be causing your acne.  This is a great natural way to improve your skin!
  2. Fruits and vegetables: Many fruits and vegetables contain beta-carotenes and Vitamin A, which naturally help reduce skin oils and inflammation.
  3. Omega-6 fatty acids: Flax, fish, nuts, and oils (olive oil, nut oils) contain a lot of omega-6 fatty acids.  Studies have shown that those with acne have low levels of fatty acids in their skin and oily skin as a result of high sebum production.  Incorporating more fatty-acids into your diet can help reduce inflammation and sebum production.   

Stay Away From…

  1. Milk: Studies have linked the consumption of milk to increased acne.  This may be as a result of the hormones that milk contains.  Try to stay clear of milk or drink less if you are having trouble controlling your breakouts.
  2. Fast food/Junk food: Junk food and greasy fast food can lead to hormonal fluctuations, a spike in your blood sugar levels, and high inflammation.  All of these factors have proved to cause more acne.  Stay clear of all these processed foods and find a healthier alternative that will taste even better, knowing that it is helping clear your skin!
  3. Sugar:  If you are consuming mass amounts of sugar at one time you may be creating a spike in your blood sugar levels leading to more breakouts.  Instead of gulping down that sugar-filled soda, drink something more health-friendly like a refreshing lightly sweetened iced tea.

Lifestyle Changes and Tips:

  1. Exercise: More exercise and activity increases the blood flow in your body, sending more oxygen to your skin cells, washing cell waste away.  Additionally, perspiration can be good for eliminating dirt and toxins, clearing out your pores naturally!
  2. Drink more water: Hydration is important to maintain a healthy life, but it will also help flush out toxins and hydrate your skin!
  3.  Stress LESS: More acne may appear when you are stressed out.  Exposure to stressful situations tends to spread acne quicker.  Reduce stress by sleeping more and partaking in calming activities like yoga or hiking.