Contouring has become a widely popular makeup trend. Did you know you could help contour your face by changing your hair color as well?  Because we use light and dark makeup to make parts of our faces look bigger and smaller, who’s to say making our hair darker and lighter in sections won’t do the same?  Here’s everything you need to know about hair coloring, from how it works to how to determine the best contour for your face shape :

Determine Your Face Shape:

There are many different face shapes; to list the most general kinds, there are oval, round, oblong, square, and heart shaped faces.  Each face will require a different color guide. (Also remember that these are just suggestions, you can do whatever you and your stylist think is best and whatever you prefer!):

  • Round Faces: Light tones around the hairline and darker tones underneath the ears and towards the ends of the hair to give your face a more pointed illusion.
  • Oval Faces: Considered the most versatile face shape, talk to your colorist about adding depth, texture, or shine in order to make your features pop.  
  • Oblong Faces: Deeper tones in the center roots, merging into lighter and lighter pieces from above the ears to the ends of the hair.
  • Square Faces: Add multi-tonal layers around all corners of the face to soften hard lines.
  • Heart Faces: Lighter pieces around the jawline and ears will give you a more oval face shape.

Seek Out a Professional:

When determining your face shape, seek a professionals opinion first before going anywhere else. People who are educated in the field of makeup and hair know what is trending and what works for their clients.  

Take Care of Your Hair:

If you do decide to color your hair to contour your face, remember to take care of it! You don’t want to ruin what you’ve just gotten done. Any salon professional can give you advice on how to properly treat and manage your hair after getting it done. You’ll want your new  highlights and lowlights to look gorgeous for as long as possible.  

Do you want to try out this cool contouring technique? Contact us today to find out more about contouring your face with your hair color.   You can also book an appointment to meet with one of our professionals!