Do you long to change up your hairstyle, but are too scared to make a bold move? If you are not ready for the big chop, or the dramatic color dye, we understand. Read below to get some ideas that can easily change your look without having to make a huge commitment!

Part Ways With Your Part

One of the easiest ways to quickly change up your hair style is by switching your part. Try a center part to soften a rounder face or flip your hair into a deep side part to draw attention to your eyes. Wearing the same part over and over can begin to flatten your hair, try something new to create natural volume and new layers.

Try a Shimmering Slick

Everyone seems to shy away from this look for fear of greasy looking locks. However, comb back the roots of your hair with some hairspray and you have a perfect classy look. We recommend that you use a hairspray with a little bit of shimmer to create the right amount of shine.

Temporary Tint

Many trusted companies are coming out with hair chalk – the perfect solution to your hair coloring fears. This temporary ‘dye’ allows you to add highlights and lowlights with a simple sweep of the chalk. You can strategically place the chalk where you would like it to add a pop of color  and then wash it out when you are done!

Attitude & Accessories

So you’ve tried everything from curling your hair, to teasing your ponytail and you are still bored with your look – now what? Head to your local beauty store and snag a few head bands or decorative clips. Accessories are a great way to show off your personality and are guaranteed to grab someone’s attention.

Glam up with a Gloss

Head to your salon and ask for a gloss – you will not be disappointed. Hair glosses can make colored hair more vibrant and tone down brassiness. A clear sheen is left on the hair which reflects light, making dull hair appear healthier and glowing.

Sometimes just a little spray or flip of the hair can completely redefine your look. Something so small can make just as big of a difference as chopping off 6 inches. With seasons changing, it might be a good time to test out these ideas. Make sure to start off with a trim to keep your hair looking as healthy as possible to fully embrace these quick fixes. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.