Fall is almost upon us and with it comes new and trendy hairstyles.  Now is the perfect time to try that new hair color or new hairstyle that you were too afraid to try during the summer. There are already some major trends for the upcoming Fall months that you should be aware of.  Take a look below at some of the possible up and coming trends and see if any of these styles are something you would try:


  • Black Bows:

Bows are back!  From big black clip on bows to thin black ribbon this style ads some flare to your hair style.  Try big black bows on top of a low bun for a sweet look or try a thin black ribbon wrapped around your ponytail for a sleek and sophisticated look.  Some other styles you can try is to have the black ribbon cascade down your hair in long lengths.   


  • Balayage:

Balayage has become an ever increasing popular hair coloring technique.   Balayage makes highlighting your hair look as natural as possible, your hair will gradually get lighter towards the bottom but there are dark pieces left in your hair so that it is not a complete ombre.  A complete ombre changes your hair gradually from one color to another but balayage keeps different colored hair together.


  • Slicked Back:

This style became super popular in the spring, and it will be continuing into the Fall months.  Instead of hair being perfectly slicked back however this fall the trend will have a messier touch so you look prepared for bad weather days.  


  • Blunt Bob:

Looking for a new haircut for the Fall? Try a daring bob.  Bob’s have gotten more and more popular over the years and it’s a great style to try if you are looking for a change. A Blunt Bob looks stylish and sophisticated and is also easy to maintain.


  • Center Part:

Like the bob haircut, center parts have become more and more popular over the years. It was extremely popular in the 70’s, women with long straight hair usually had defining center parts.  Many models can be seen adorning a center part with pin straight locks and chic waves.


If you are looking to get a great hairstyle for the Fall, Contact us today. You can meet with one of our hairstylists to find the best look for you!