Changing your haircut can completely change the way you look and feel. It’s very important to know which style will be the best haircut for your face. We have put together a guide to help you choose the best haircut for your face.

The first step is to determine your face shape so you’ll know exactly what to ask for to your stylist when going for a haircut.

  • If your face is nearly as wide as it is long, with your forehead and jaw curving at the corners, then you have a round face, like Charlize Theron.
  • If the widths of your brow, cheekbones and jaw are almost equal, that means you have an oval face, like Cameron Diaz.
  • If you have a wide forehead and narrow jaw, you have a heart-shaped face, like Halle Berry.
  • If the length and width of your face is equal, you have a square face, like Olivia Wilde. 
  • If your face has a noticeably pointed chin with widest cheekbones and has similar width forehead and jawline, you have a diamond-shaped face, like Elizabeth Hurley.

Below is a list of haircuts that are best suited for each type of face:


  • For a round face…



Long layered looks are great on round faces. For a shorter look, a bob can work but the length should be slightly long (longbob/lob). Always avoid short layers, full bangs and choppy cuts entirely, which can make your face appear more round.


  • For an oval face…



This face shape has the perfect length and width, and everything is in balance, so any hairstyle looks good with it. If you have thick hair, try long, tousled layers. If your hair is just fine, get crazy and try a pixie cut. Bangs can also help to balance out a long face or soften facial features.


  • For a heart-shaped face…



For this shape, you can experiment with variety of lengths and bangs. Long to medium-length hair with layers and natural waves is very flattering to this face shape. Shaggy, side-swept bangs or mod-straight bangs are a great way to cover-up a larger forehead. It is important to avoid bangs that are too short with this face shape.


  • For a square face…



This face shape should go for a cut that is both soft and layered. Loose, tousled bobs are great on this face shape because they soften angles. Any cut that comes below the shoulders will help generate length. Bangs looks great with this shape but skip having blunt bangs and also sharp-edged bobs, which can make a square-shaped face appear boxier.


  • For a diamond-shaped face…



For a short style, go with an edgy, sharp bob that comes right below your chin. This will frame your face and highlight your cheekbones. Most long styles look great on this face shape as well. You can try a blunt, super-straight look or a layered style. If you want to go for the bangs, try small or side-part bangs that don’t cover too much of an already-small forehead.

Now that you know the best haircut for your face, call Sublime to make an appointment for your next hair service.