healthy hair

Are you envious of the woman with perfectly groomed, non-frizzy hair in your office? Truth is, she may spend hours on her hair in the morning  or she may just take good care of it. With busy lives, we can’t imagine spending anymore time getting ready in the morning, so we need some tips on how to get that bouncy, shiny hair you see in commercials but without all the effort.

Whether your hair is color treated or not, it’s necessary to always take care of it. Some women may think that if their hair is shorter, they don’t have to care for it as much, but that is false. Simple everyday things can be harming your hair whichyou’re not even aware of. Here are some tips to keep your hair healthy at any color or length:

            1.Wash your hair two-three times a week MAX

This may be something you’re very against, but this simple thing will help keep your hair healthy tremendously. Washing your hair too often dries it out which can give it that bristly, straw like feeling. Also, if you have color treated hair, it is in your best interest not to wash your hair frequently so you ensure your color stays vibrant. Invest in a good dry shampoo to make you feel better about not washing your hair everyday. Dry shampoo absorbs oil and will leave your hair smelling clean.

            2. Comb wet hair, don’t brush

When you get out of the shower, be sure to comb out tangles. Do not brush. Brushing your hair while wet causes it to break since the hair is more fragile. Also, in order to get moisture out of hair, roughly dry it with a towel. Gently press the water out to avoid damage as well. Once your hair is dry and you want to brush it, brush from the bottom up in small sections. While brushing from the root down, you can pull and break your hair causing unnecessary stress on it.

            3. Trim your hair frequently

We have all been there, when you want to grow your hair out and refuse to cut it. This is not helping your hair grow. In order to grow your hair, you must trim your hair frequently to keep the ends healthy and keep the cuticles open. It’s impossible to have fabulous long and healthy hair if you have split ends.                     

            4. Condition well

It seems like a simple task to condition your hair, but there are some tips to keep in mind in order to make sure it’s done properly. No matter what length your hair is, you should always condition your hair after you shampoo. Conditioning adds moisture back into your hair once shampoo strips out the oils. Conditioner should be applied to mid lengths and all the way to the tips. Avoid conditioner near the scalp, that will make your hair greasy. It is also recommended for women with long hair to deep condition once a month.

            5. Avoid stress on your hair

Avoid hairstyles that will pull and put stress on your hair and scalp, such as a tightly-pulled ponytail, braids or hair extensions. If you pull your locks too tightly, especially if you put tension on the same roots day after day, you can cause hair loss.

            6. Cut back on all heating tools

Heating tools can be considered the reason for unhealthy, broken hair. Using hot tools on your hair breaks the hair shaft, which can also cause the hair to not hold color as well. If you cannot stay away from hot tools as a whole, take the necessary precautions. Use heat protecting spray before applying heat to your hair or leave in conditioners to make sure moisture stays in your hair. Also, keep blow dryers at a distance from your hair when you use one.

When it comes to your gorgeous locks, a little effort goes a long way. Follow these tips and you’ll get noticeably healthier hair in no time.

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