Season changes may mean a change in weather, but it also means new beauty trends. This summer have fun with your nails and check out all of these cute nail art ideas. They are so cute you may not be able to choose just one!

  1. Ice Cream Drips: Nothing screams summer more than trips to the ice cream parlor on a hot summer day. Amp up your style with this cute design that you can do yourself! Put a somewhat generous strip of polish on the tip of your nail and use a bobby pin to drag the polish down your nail giving it the look of melting ice cream.  
  2. Cuticle Fruit: Summer is the perfect season to enjoy juicy citrus fruit, and melon so why not get it painted on your nails. The cuticle provides the perfect curve for a little slice of citrus, watermelon, or even kiwi! Can it get any cuter?
  3. Picnic Print:  If you love the colors red and white, have some fun and get a checkered picnic print on your nails. Use a thin polish brush to outline small checkers and fill in the boxes red and white.   
  4. Cherries: Another cute fruit to get on your nails is cherries. Add a few cherries to your index finger, or get one cherry on each finger. After all, cherries are in season during the summer so why not add them to your nail art?
  5. Flowers: Flowers may seems difficult to do, but who needs a green thumb when you have tulips on your finger? Start off with a neutral base color, then begin by applying 4-5 small dots with a small brush. Cover with your favorite top coat and you’re ready to go!
  6. Rainbows: Rainbows are easily one of the most beautiful things about a sun shower. Start with your pinky nail and paint it red, continue painting each nail a different summer color until you have covered each nail. It’s your perfect calm after the storm!
  7. Simple Dots: A polka-dot nail design is the perfect way to change up your style while still keeping it simple. Create this look in under 5 minutes with a small thin brush and your favorite nail color. Add these dots on top of a nude base for a more simple look, or on top of your favorite neon shade to dress it up!
  8. Succulents: Succulents may possibly be the cutest plants out there right now so why not get them painted in your nails! Screenshot a few photos on your phone to show your stylist. They should have no trouble duplicating the small plants.
  9. Tie Dye: Tie dye nails are a go-to for any outdoor concert or a tropical getaway with the girls! Although this style can easily be done at any nail salon with an airbrush technique, it is just as easily done at home with a small makeup sponge from the drugstore and 2-3 of your favorite summer shades!
  10. Color Blocked: Color-blocked nails are the perfect design for when you can’t choose just one color from your summer collection! Start off by prepping your nails and adding a thin base coat. Next, with your two favorite shades and a small piece of masking tape, create the color block design of your choice!

While you can do many of these at home, why not let the nail professionals at Sublime Salon do them for you? Find out more great ways change up your summer nail look by contacting Sublime Salon today!