The beauty of nail polish is that there are millions of different colors that you can wear whenever you want.  There are also certain color styles for each season.  For example, during the summer people are more often wearing bright colors like aqua, yellow, teal, orange, etc.  During the colder seasons nail polish trends are usually dark and earthy colors.  Here are some pretty colors you should try out this Fall:  


  • Rose Gold:


Ever since Apple came out with a Rose Gold iPhone, the color has become a phenomenon. This is the perfect color if you like a little shimmer and prefer lighter shades over darker shades.


  • Grey or Silver:


Grey goes with everything which makes it the perfect color for fall.  Fall is the transition of bright colors to dark and earthy colors so instead of going from an aqua summer nail color to an immediate dark brown or black, give a grey polish a try!  


  • Purple:


Light purple polish is a gorgeous color to wear during the Spring, especially during Easter time.. If you happen to love purple then try some deep, rich purple for the Fall. Some purples you can try are aubergine, eggplant, plum, or oxblood.  


  • Dark Teal:


Teal can be worn through the spring and summer months.  Dark Teal allows you to wear this beloved color as you and your wardrobe transition to the Fall months.  


  • Taupe:


Like gray nail polish, taupe is also a great neutral Fall color.  This is a great color that will show off your summer glow in the early Fall months.    


  • Cherry Red:


For those of you who love red nail polish this is the perfect “Fall Red”.  Instead of that bright red that you want to wear on Valentine’s day this is muted and earthy.  It’s like the colors of the leaves as they begin to change.    

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