Buying the right curler is trickier than it seems.  Each curler gives you a different style curl, from big loose waves to tight spiral curls, so the size of the curler matters.  How short or long your hair is can also determine what type of curler is best for you.  The way you hold your curling iron will also determine what the shape of the curl will look like.  Here is a complete guide to the different sized barrels and what curls you can achieve using them:

  • 2” Curling Iron:

The 2 inch curling iron gives your hair loose waves at the ends of the hair.  After twisting hair around the barrel, brush hair out to get some movement and curl towards the end of your hair.  This is not to be used if you want a lot of waves.  Also, this works best for long hair.  

  • 1.75” Curling Iron:

This curling iron gives your hair a bit more of a wave than the 2” curling iron.  This barrel adds a subtle change to your long locks, and by brushing your fingers through you can achieve an effortless and relaxed tousled look.   

  • 1.5 “ Curling Iron:

This barrel achieves big voluminous curls.  Again this works best for people with longer hair because they can wrap more hair around the barrel.  Definitely consider using a spray to hold these curls because they will fall out a lot easier than tight curls.  

  • 1.25” Curling Iron:

This is a very popular iron because this iron can achieve the perfect beach waves.  This should still be used by people with longer hair because the barrel is still rather wide for medium to short haired people.  This iron can achieve both big waves to tighter beachy waves.   

  • 1” Curling Iron:

This iron is perfect for people with medium to short hair.  The small barrel allows you to get tighter waves without the corkscrew look.  Brushing the curls out with a soft bristle brush can give you that old Hollywood glam look.

  • 3/4” Curling Iron:

The smaller the iron gets, the tighter the curls.  This barrel begins to spiral your hair and when you brush it out you will receive all over texture and a lot of volume.  Using your finger to recoil curls gives you many different shaped curls that look natural.

  • 5/8” – 3/8” Curling Iron:

These are the smallest barrelled irons and they give you amazingly tight spiral curls.  I call this the Shirley Temple hair tool because it gives you amazing corkscrew curls and when brushing your fingers through them you get the fullest volume for your hair.

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