We see the models with effortless tousled waves that bounce with every strut. Not everyone can have personal stylists and makeup artists with them all the time. You may be wondering how they keep their hair so glamorous and healthy looking all the time. We’ve put together a list of the secrets for perfect hair, and they’re way easier than you might expect.

Hair Masques

Hair masques are a great home remedy that give you salon-like results. They restore your hair cuticles and bring moisture back to your hair giving it a healthier feel. They are mostly done in the shower after you have washed your hair and are supposed to stay in for a couple minutes before rinsing. Sublime Salon offers masques for at home use. Buy yours the the next time you are in the salon.

Cold Water

Although this may seem torturous, rinsing your hair with cold water in the shower is best for your hair. No need to take cold showers in general, but just when as a rinse after you use shampoo and conditioner. How does it work? Well hot water opens the cuticles and allows shampoo and conditioner to work in your hair and do their jobs, then cold water closes those cuticles. Closing hair cuticles locks in moisture from conditioner leaving your hair shiny and healthy.

Shower at Night

Showering at night and sleeping with wet hair is the ultimate way to get those beachy waves right in your own bed. When you wake up in the morning, add some dry shampoo (if needed) to your roots and run some leave-in conditioner through your hair to reduce frizz. If you are off to a special occasion or want to be a bit fancier, use a thick iron to go over pieces in the front to create an effortless all around look.

Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is a product you cannot live without. It is the perfect product for just about anything. From taming, to styling, and conditioning. If  the leave-in conditioner is a spray it’s great for detangling wet or damp hair as well. Leave-in conditioner is not only convenient, it also has many purposes.

Protein Treatments

These treatments are best done in salons, and are well worth the time and money. While a high protein diet is one way to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, these treatments work just as well. Ask your stylist about protein sprays and or treatments next time you’re in the salon.

It is never too late to get healthier, better looking hair. These tips are easy enough and will give you great results and fast! Sublime sells a few different brands of leave-in conditioner and offers hair treatments. Get the hair you’ve always wanted. Contact us to schedule an appointment.