Are you feeling like you need a new do for the summer? Here are some of the latest trends in hair color to lighten up your hair and give you a trendy new look:


We all know what highlights are, but what about babylights? Babylights are tiny highlights that mock your childhood hair color as if it had been kissed by the sun. The tiny highlights are used to brighten up your hair while still looking natural. Good news! These highlights are even low maintenance due to the fact that you use a color similar to your natural color, but a bit brighter. Color without the maintenance, what could be better?


Balayage is the new ombre, but why does everyone crave this look? The technique, which means to sweep or to paint has been around for quite a while now, but it’s coming back and it’s bigger than ever. Balayage gives a natural sunkissed look on anyone and with any hair color. All of the celebrities can be seen rocking balayage hair color nowadays. Whether it is Chrissy Tiegen to lighten up her dark brown hair that give her streaks of caramel or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley giving her blonde locks extra brightness. If you’re not convinced yet, remember that balayage grows out perfectly and you won’t have any regrowth!


Here is a new type of ombre for you. Sombre, or soft ombre. Just when we thought the ombre was going to be out of style, this comes along. This style is for the ladies who have always wanted an ombre, but want something a little more subtle to lighten up their hair and give it energy. The technique takes brunette and blonde and blends it together to give it a bronde color. It is soft on contrast, but huge on glam!

Keep up with the latest trends and feel like a celebrity. All of these looks are possible right at Sublime. Call and make an appointment today to get the new summer look you never thought you could have!