With all the changes summer brings, it becomes harder to transition to different habits. The constant summer heat invites the possibility of slipping up on beauty rituals we have not quite gotten used to yet. To help, we’ve compiled a list of common mistakes you should avoid this summer:

  • Lack of Water Consumption:

We often forget that exposure to heat and sunlight poses greater possibility of dehydration. Not drinking enough water may certainly harm our beloved skin. In order to prevent this, don’t forget to drink water, and lots of it. Water is essential for youthful skin and pore hydration. It provides nutrients and replenishes skin cells, delaying wrinkles and other signs of aging.

  • Forgetting to Apply Waterproof Products:

Waterproof makeup products are essential for the summer. Why worry about your mascara running on your vacation by the pool? Making the switch to waterproof products will eliminate the need for re-application, and prevent those dreaded “raccoon eyes”.

  • Failing to Blend Make-up at the Neck:

Summertime tans usually leave the neck paler than the rest of the body, causing an unsightly contrast. To prevent this, it may be advantageous to have different foundation shades to correspond to each season. It is also important to blend make-up into the neck to even out your skin tone and avoid any mismatch.

  • Neglecting your Lips and Scalp when Applying Sunscreen:

Applying sunscreen to your body and face are just the first step–it is important to protect your scalp and lips from the sun as well. They too receive continuous exposure and remain at the risk of damage from the sun.

  • Using the Wrong Hair Ties:

In the heat of the summer sun, it is hard not to keep your hair up and off your neck. However, constant usage of hair elastics can cause excessive damage to your hair by creating unpleasant breakage and flyaways. To prevent this, go for more gentle options: avoid using hair ties with metal clamps. Instead, use scrunchies and seamless hair ties, both are great ways to put your hair up without the risk of damage.  

Want to avoid skin and hair mistakes this summer? Contact us today to find out more about how to properly care for your skin and your hair. We offer a variety of skin and hair services and treatments that’ll surely suit your needs.