Having thin or thick hair comes with benefits, but it can also cause headaches. As they say, “People always want what they cannot have.” With that being said, whether you have thin or thick hair, there are solutions that can help.

Thin Hair

Many people with thin hair have the problem of constantly redoing ponytails, greasy hair caused by conditioner, scalp sunburns, slow hair growth, and the fact that your hairstyle falls out after one hour.

So here are some helpful tips for thin hair.

  • Use salt spray before blow drying (We carry this at the salon)
  • Blow-dry your hair upside down for volume
  • Dry shampoo is your new best friend (We also carry several brands at the salon. Call us for details)
  • Go for shorter haircuts to gain volume

What to avoid with thin hair:

  • Avoid using too much product, it weighs your hair down
  • Cutting your hair in layers
  • Don’t use conditioner on all of your hair, just at the ends
  • Flat ironing the ends

Thick Hair

Many people with thick hair have to constantly buy shampoo and conditioner, find hair pins, brushes, deal with flimsy combs, hair that takes a long time to dry, and leaving a hair trail everywhere you go.

So here are some tips for those of you with thick hair:

  • Add long layers to create movement in your hair
  • Try long hairstyles to reduce volume around your scalp
  • Buy extra-hold clips and elastics
  • Use clarifying shampoo and conditioner and a set of anti-frizz products

But there are things to avoid with thin hair:

  • Washing your hair every day, natural oils will condition it
  • Running your hands through your hair, it makes it stick up
  • Using a bristle brush, they damage your hair
  • Blow-drying your hair will poof it up

These tips are easy enough and will give you great and fast results! Sublime sells a few different brands of leave-in conditioner and offers hair treatments that are perfect for either thin or thick hair. Get the hair you’ve always wanted, contact us to schedule an appointment.