In this blog we are looking at a general overview of what to look for and how to care for your hair extensions.  Part 2 will focus on the specific types of hair extensions:

If you want longer hair and you don’t have the patience to wait months for your hair to grow to that perfect length, then extensions are the way to go for you. There are many different types of extensions and ways to go about getting and caring for them.  Here is a helpful guide that will hopefully answer any hair extension questions you may have:


  • Color and Length:

First things first. you are going to have many options when selecting the right color and length you desire. You need to purchase the extensions that match your hair color, not what you want your hair color to be. Be sure to ask a professional about hair color and a length that will fit you just right and make your hair pop.


  • Types of Hair:

You can choose between real or fake hair.  The difference between the two is that real human hair can be dyed with your hair so that they are all the same color. Your stylist will not be able to color your synthetic hair.  Not only does human hair dye to match your hair color, but they last longer and they can be styled easier but is pricier than the synthetic extensions.


  • Wearing Your Extensions:

Most extensions can be put into your hair by a stylist and won’t come out for weeks, clip-in extensions can be put in by you!  Gently backcomb the root sections of hair that you want to clip the extensions to, then clip the extensions in on an angle so they look more natural.  After this brush hair so hair blends with the extensions.  Straighten hair so it is all the same texture, or style that you would like.  


  • Caring for Your Extensions:

When brushing your extensions always use a soft bristle brush and ONLY when they are dry.  Only wash them about three times a week and only use a sulfate shampoo.  This is so you don’t dry the hair out but also clean out any product used on the hair.  Putting a little bit of dry oil in your extensions will give them shine but only do this once a week.


Contact us today to talk to our stylists about what hair extensions are right for you!  Check out our different hair styling as well to get a completely new look.