In part one of this blog series we gave you tips and tricks about hair extensions. In part two we will guide you through the different types of hair extensions. There are numerous types of extensions so you need to figure out which one you prefer.  Here is a list of the different kinds of extensions.  


  • Clip-in Extensions:

Out of all of the extensions this one is the fastest and adds zero damage to your hair. You can do this yourself, but it is still recommended to go to a professional to get them customized for your hair. These are good to get immediate length or fullness because they take between 5-15 minutes to to put on. The clips themselves are already sewn into the hair so all you have to do is clip the extensions into your hair!


  • Tape-in Extensions:

These extensions last between 4-8 weeks.  Your stylist will tape or glue the already pre-taped extension to your hair by applying a heated tool that heats the glue.  These extensions must be aligned with your roots so they look natural.  To remove them, they are removed with a glue remover then reinstalled for a fresh new look.  You must be very careful when washing your hair as to not ruin the tape/glue, so you need to use special shampoo and products that you can ask your hair specialist about.


  • Fusion and Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions:

These last up to 4 months but they need to be repositioned as the hair grows.  They take about 3-4 hour to apply because the pre bonded hair is glued onto small sections of hair.  You can use the products that you normally use on your hair with these extensions; however, these extensions can cause the most damage.  The damage that can occur is hair loss, breakage, and scalp irritation.


  • Micro-link Hair Extensions:

Like Fusion and Pre- Bonded Hair Extensions, these take about 3 hours to apply, and fixed to smaller sections of hair,  and can cause a lot of breakage and damage to your hair when not done carefully. The extensions are looped through natural hair then clamped down with a clamp and heated.  Micro-link Hair can also be washed and styled with the products you use on your real hair.  


  • Sew-in Extensions:

These extensions are also known as a weave, this process must be done by a professional and takes several hours.  This works mainly for people with thick hair; the natural hair is braided into a corn row then the extension is attached using a needle and thread.  The braiding is done very tightly so the scalp is slightly strained during this process making this the most uncomfortable of hair extensions.  However a weave is also the most permanent types and the most seamless.  These last around 6-8 weeks but can be kept in longer, you need to moisturize your scalp and you must deep condition.


  • Wigs:

A wig is not as similar to these other extensions because it covers your whole head and can be removed easily.  You do not actually attach this to your hair instead it is used  as replacement for your hair. Like extensions, real hair wigs last longer than synthetic ones.


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