Have you been hesitant to get a wax because of some of the stories you have heard from friends?  The truth is it is much easier than you might think!  Here at Sublime Salon we have many different options to choose from, including eyebrow shaping, legs, bikini area, lip, neck, chin and a number of other waxing services.  Now is the perfect time to try it out since the weather’s getting warmer and it is time to show a little more skin.

What is nice about waxing is that it does not require any maintenance.  Shaving is often an everyday thing, but after a wax, it takes up to a few weeks to even notice the hair starting to grow back. Waxing is a quick process and you aren’t left with ugly razor bumps and rashes.  You will be so amazed with how smooth your skin is after a wax that you will never want to go back to shaving.

Waxes contain natural ingredients so while they get rid of hair, they are also exfoliating.  

Don’t be alarmed if your skin is red after waxing, this is very normal.  Icing the area a little will help the redness go down.  You can also put a little lotion on the area and the redness should go away in a few minutes.  

Considering all of this information, waxing is a great option if you are looking to get rid of the maintenance of shaving and have smooth, hair-free skin.  This being said if you feel your skin is very sensitive take precautions before getting a wax.

Visit our website to see our full list of waxing services. Contact Sublime Salon & Day Spa at 908-464-8422 to make your appointment for waxing services.