Box color isn’t what it used to be 10 years ago, but it still can’t compare to professional color. Clients often want to use box color to save money. If your hair turns out bright orange or your hair starts to break and you have to go into salon to get it corrected, will you be saving money then? One should not believe in box color and here are some reasons why.

Color should be customized

When it comes to color, one size does not fit all. Think about it! Will one box of color be enough for your entire head? Will it cover all your gray? You may not know the answer to these questions when it comes to the box color you’ve just brought home. In a salon, a stylist will customize the color for you. Color is a chemical, therefore there is a science to mixing and getting the right color for your hair. Plus, everyone has different hair. There are different tones, porosity, and texture which means everyone’s hair is going to react differently. Leave it to the experts so the color covers your gray or gives you that exact shade you were looking for without damaging your hair.

Professional application is important

It’s not just about getting the perfect color, but also how that color is applied to your head. Professionals went to school for this. You might not know how to apply color based on those 5 steps on the back of a box. If you’re globbing on color with your hands in a poorly lit bathroom, chances are you’re not applying your color right. Professionals have specific brushes, and these brushes allow the color to precisely get from the regrowth to the demarcation line. Without this precision, you can get bands of color.

Your hair will become dry

As stated above, color is a chemical. It is going to affect your hair, but if you get it professionally done, they can make sure your hair stays healthy. Plenty of clients state that boxed color leaves their hair feeling brittle and broken, but when you get your hair colored in a salon you leave with silky hair. There is a reason for this. At salons, your hair will get the care it needs, before and after color. Organic colors are now used which can help keep hair healthy. Also, professional products like shampoo and conditioner make all the difference in your hair. Certain professional products have formulas for color treated hair to prevent dryness and breakage.

Crazy colors and spots

Think cap highlights! That old technique is going to leave you with polka dots and bleeding lines, not the streaks of color you wanted. Highlighting is something you need to leave to the experts. Once you give yourself bad highlights, it’s going to cost a lot to reverse it. You hair might also end up not being what you wanted in the first place because of the correction. Save yourself some money and headaches, don’t trust cap highlights.

It’s unpredictable

Color is a wild animal! Now that you know color involves chemical reactions, do you really trust yourself with it? You never know what you’re going to get with box color. Your hair might act differently than someone else’s. That box may show a platinum blonde, but your hair might turn pink. Chances are your hair won’t look like the celebrity’s hair on the box. We can guarantee you that Gwen Stefani does NOT use box color to get her blonde locks.

Leave coloring to the professionals. Highlights, root touch up, ombre, color correction… anything involving color! Remember, you get what you pay for and that $7 box of color won’t do your hair any good.

No matter the request, Sublime will use their expertise to create the color you’re looking for and leave your hair feeling healthy. Take a look at some colors done that gave customers something to rave about.